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The film provides an opportunity for communities to learn from Farmingville’s experience, to dissect how conflicts occur and to explore how to diffuse them without making neighbors into enemies or escalating rhetoric into violence.

Spearheaded by Active Voice, the Farmingville Outreach Campaign uses the film to help demographically-changing communities build bridges between long-term residents and newly arrived immigrant populations, in particular undocumented Latinos. Working with advisors from national groups ranging from the National Conference of State Legislatures to Georgetown’s Institute for the Study of International Migration, Active Voice developed innovative downloadable materials including:

The Resource Guide,
which provides advocates, individuals and community based organizations tools for sponsoring educational events and networking opportunities in conjunction with screenings of Farmingville for community groups, day laborers, and public, private and governmental organizations.

The Discussion Guide, which offers questions and tips for facilitating a productive dialogue and that uses Farmingville to spark thoughtful conversations and innovative solutions, and to share successful strategies for dealing with some of the issues raised in the film.

For Educators, P.O.V. ‘s downloadable, professionally designed lesson plan for classroom use in conjunction with viewing Farmingville (Meets Standards Level IV, Grades 9-12)



Groups that have used

The Brookings Institution

The Century Foundation

CLINIC-Catholic Legal Immigration Network

Harvard JFK School of Government

Hispanics in Philanthropy

INPUT-International Public Television Conference

The Mexican Foreign Ministry

The Missouri Police Chiefs Association

The National Conference of State Legislatures

United Nations Association

Stony Brook University

The Sundance Institute

The Vera Institute of Justice


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