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Farmingville’s broadcast premier opened the 17th season of P.O.V., public television’s award-winning showcase for independent nonfiction films.

Farmingville web site is an especially rich source of material on the pressing issue of immigration. The site’s ongoing postings provide a vivid snapshot of our conflicted attitudes towards illegal immigration.

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Farmingville page on P.O.V.’s Webby-winning site where you will find:

Talking Back Join other Farmingville viewers on P.O.V.'s Talking Back discussion board where you will find a heated debate with over 1400 postings on 130 topics concerning the country’s current wave of immigration.

Special Features An examination of the current state of immigration including an interactive map showing the demographic shifts in 18 fast-growing metropolitan areas across the country.

Behind the Lens Go behind-the-lens with the filmmakers to hear about some of the greatest challenges to the film's production, find out more about their other work and discover their hopes for the film.

Broadcast Quick Links Find out more about the topics that run as text alerts across the bottom of the screen.

For Educators
A downloadable, professionally designed lesson plan for classroom use in conjunction with viewing Farmingville. (Meets Standards Level IV, Grades 9-12).


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